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This morning, for the first time in the area of Samnium, water dispensers were inaugurated in an Institute of Upper Secondary Education, the Liceo Scientifico Gaetano Rummo in Benevento.

The CEO of Gesesa Salvatore Rubbo, the Headmistress of the school Annamaria Morante, and a delegation of students attended the inauguration.

After the forced break, due to the pandemic, Gesesa begins a new project in schools to educate younger generations to concretely implement environmental sustainability activities such as, in particular, a "Plastic Free" environment.

"The students - says the Headmistress Annamaria Morante - asked me to install water dispensers to reduce the use of PET in the school, and I immediately made a request to Gesesa, with whom we have always had excellent relations. And here there are: three dispensers donated today by the Integrated Water Service Company. I thank Gesesa for making another important step in achieving the goal of having a school based on environmental sustainability.”

"With today's initiative, the #GesesaPlasticFree Tour in schools starts again" - says Gesesa CEO Salvatore Rubbo. "Reducing plastic is important and if the urge to do so comes from the younger generations, it is an even stronger message to follow and implement. Today I want to use, with these students, a word that is too often used at random: “Resilience”. Despite the period we are experiencing that is particularly difficult especially for young people, their reaction was strong and admirable because they felt the need to demand concrete sustainability actions from schools and companies. This means looking at the future with great optimism."


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