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The Plastic Free Tour, Gesesa’s environmental sustainability project, reaches the Caudina valley and the Luigi Vanvitelli Institute in Arpaia.

The young students welcomed Gesesa with a significant gesture: throwing all the plastic in the school in recycling bins before receiving the Plastic Free reusable bottles bearing the logos of the Municipality of Arpaia and Gesesa.

“I appreciated the initiative organized the Municipal Administration and Gesesa, said the School Principal Giovanna Falzarano. Children are the engine of change and through them we can spread the environmental sustainability message.

“Gesesa is promoting environmental sustainability projects to raise awareness about topical issues among children – added Gesesa Board Member Alessandra Itro – Protecting and using water sensibly and reducing the production of plastic by using reusable bottles, are just some of the messages that we try to bring when we visit schools. If we want to preserve our planet, we must all do our part, from the youngest to the oldest, because a single action can really make the difference.

“We are happy and satisfied with Gesesa’s work in Arpaia – said the Mayor Pasquale Fucci – we feel the support of the company that has always provided an excellent service. The Arpaia community thanks Gesesa for the reusable bottles it gave to the students at our school, this gesture is important to teach future generations what behaving sustainably means. With this gesture we have “freed” our school from plastic.”

“The water that reaches the homes in Arpaia is safe and controlled. Residents must take care of their internal systems in order not to compromise the good quality of the water distributed, so everyone can get use to drinking the water from the aqueduct and use less plastic. This is the message that comes with the free reusable bottles. Gesesa is very considerate towards the environment and operates sustainably. Acting sustainably like Gesesa means taking water from the environment and returning it to the environment in a condition that does not damage it.” said Gesesa CEO Salvatore Rubbo.


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