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The project “Let’s Give Oxygen to the Future” has started in an important location for the City of Ponte, Campania (Italy). The shared goal of the local administrations and Regione Campania is to plant two thousand native plants in the territories of the Municipalities managed by Gesesa SpA.
In the area in front of Sant’Anastasia Abbey, two magnolia trees have been put to abode, while other essences have been planted in other areas of the city of Ponte.
Fatima Rafdi, a seven-year-old child testimonial and representative of the integration between the Moroccan and pontese communities, has been the godmother of the project.
The event has been presided by Marcangelo Fusco, mayor of the city of Ponte; Salvatore Rubbo, CEO of Gesesa; Angela Torino, Budget, Revenues and Municipality Personnel Assessor in the city of Ponte, Major Giuseppe Mottola, Head of the City Police; Aniello Andreotti, responsible for the Regional Forest Nurseries – Sector of Benevento Forests and Eugenio Maffei, responsible for “La Francesca” Nursery in Benevento.
“I am very grateful to Gesesa, for the fantastic opportunity offered by this project, created in collaboration with the Agricultural, Forests and Food Department of Regione Campania,” said the mayor. “In my opinion, the planet we are bequeathing to future generations will not be easy to manage in terms of environment, but initiatives like today’s are important to give them a tangible sign of our commitment in terms of environmental sustainability.”
“I thank Gesesa, and in particular our technicians for their commitment in this project”, adds Aniello Andreotti, responsible for Forest Nurseries in Benevento. “They are the operating arm in this sector, and with their enthusiasm we can do a lot. This project is important because it allows us to address issues this sector was born for, and we are proud of it. Moreover, I would like to recommend the administrators to keep care of the trees and plants that will be donated, as they are a tangible sign of our everyday commitment to help the planet Earth.”
“We are receiving compliments from the mayors of the municipalities whose integrated water service is under our management” states Salvatore Rubbo, CEO of Gesesa. “Looking at this fascinating place proves to me that we have been able to achieve two results. The first, more symbolic is to make urban areas look as “green” as possible; the second is to valorise and to make known sites of great interest in the territory that we serve, which are unknown to most people. I thank the mayor of the city of Ponte, who let us know the beautiful and important Sant’Anastasia Abbey, which dates back to the 11th century AD, and I express my gratitude to the Agricultural, Food and Forest Department-Sector of Benevento, which immediately believed in our “Let’s Give Oxygen to the Future” project and is now carrying it out with passion and energy.”


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