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Gesesa’s Green tour continues in Tuoro Scigliato, hamlet of San Silvestro, in the complex of the Comprehensive School I.C. 2 of Sant’Agata de’ Goti (Campania – Italy). This morning, various native trees have been put to abode by pupils of kindergarten and primary school, who proved to be valuable operators.
The little pupils of Sant’Agata organised a real Tree party, welcoming Gesesa, the authorities and the operators of the nursery “La Francesca” in Benevento with posters, poems, and tree-shaped banners.
The young environment ambassadors have played the “Oath of Loyalty and Love for Trees,” which was played also by all the people there. Gesesa received the oath and made it its own in order to play it with all the little protagonists of other served Municipalities, which joined this important project addressing the objectives of goal no.15 of 2030 Agenda.
Giovannina Piccoli, vice mayor of Sant’Agata de’ Goti, Emilio Porcaro, responsible for relations with the territory of Gesesa, Valerio Viscusi, Assessor for Public Works, Angelina Iannotta, Assessor for Social Policies, and the managing Director of the Comunità Montana del Taburno with its operators and architect Carmine Montella, took part in the event. The event was presided also by the Carabinieri of the Forestry Corp Command Station in Sant’Agata de’ Goti, Aniello Andreotti, responsible of the Regional Forest Nurseries – Section for Forests in Benevento, and Eugenio Maffei, responsible of the nursery “La Francesca”.
“I thank Gesesa and the Agricultural, Forests and Food Department for giving us the opportunity to increase tree presence in our territory,” continues Giovannina Piccoli, vice mayor. “The children here, with their witness and their oath of loyalty and love for trees, have taught to us adults something important: giving attention and devotion to the environment surrounding us. If we take care and respect it, we would be living in a healthy environment, preserving it for future generations. Giving oxygen to the environment means giving oxygen to future generations”.
“We must learn how to take care and how to know these trees put to abode here today,” states Aniello Andreotti, responsible of Regional Forest Nurseries – Section for Forests in Benevento.” “Trees are like children, they need attention, and I trust these little green operators, who testifies for the future. Regional forest nurseries are available to any request coming from Municipalities”.
“An ordinary day turned into a party by the joyful vivacity of children,” confirms Salvatore Rubbo, CEO of Gesesa. “Entrusting them our message of sustainability and attention for the environment is the better way to look at the future with optimism”. 


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