Press Release

Goal to develop synergies for the reuse of the primary asset in the agro-industry and energy sectors

Developing synergies and potential partnerships for the protection and reuse of water in the fields of agriculture, water and energy. This is the main goal of the Memorandum of Understanding ('MoU') signed today by Acea, a leading industrial group in the water sector and one of the leading operators in the environment and energy sector, the National Confederation Coldiretti, the National Association of Consortia for the management and protection of land and irrigated water, and BF S.p.A. active, through its subsidiaries, in all sectors of the Italian agro-industrial chain.

The agreement was signed by the CEO of Acea, Fabrizio Palermo, the  National President of Coldiretti, Ettore Prandini, the President of ANBI, Francesco Vincenzi, and the CEO of BF, Federico Vecchioni.

The MoU, which lasts two years, initiates an exchange of information, as well as in-depth work on potential partnerships in various areas such as optimizing water use in agriculture, circular economy and the Italian supply chain. More specifically, partnerships will be assessed on development projects and investments, research and study of new technologies, including in the field of artificial intelligence and digital & precision farming, with special focus on securing the supply, protection and reuse of water resources for irrigation. Joint initiatives will also be examined that promote circular economy models, targeting the sustainable recovery of resources for their valorization in the production of organic and mineral fertilizers and manures, that is the use of agricultural by-products to feed plants for biogas production and their use for energy production, in order to promote an extended development model of a totally Italian supply chain.

The parties will define a detailed plan of priority actions to achieve the objectives of common interest and will set up one or more working groups to evaluate possible joint projects and initiatives.

The CEO of Acea, Fabrizio Palermo stated: “The signing of the protocol is particularly meaningful because working together on the issue of water and the importance of managing this resource, of which agriculture is one of the main users, is fundamental. Working with key partners such as Coldiretti, BF and ANBI to identify the most effective operational and technological solutions for the best use of water is crucial. It is too important and precious a resource, nowadays endangered by the effects of climate change, which is why it must be collected, stored, preserved and above all reused. Acea, the leading national player in the water sector, is actively working on these issues.”


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