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Acea announces that it has today finalised its acquisition of the remaining 35% equity interest in DECO SpA, a company operating in the waste management sector in Abruzzo, of which it already owned a 65% stake (see press release dated 20 September 2021) following the closing of the acquisition in November 2021.

DECO is fully consolidated by Acea and contributes approximately 11 million Euro to the Group’s annual EBITDA.

DECO’s activities include the design, building and operation of facilities used in the treatment, disposal and recovery of solid urban waste and the recovery of energy from renewable sources. The assets involved in the acquisition include: a mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plant with an authorised capacity of 270,000 tonnes per year, a photovoltaic plant, a biogas plant and two waste disposal facilities. DECO also owns a 100% equity interest in Ecologica Sangro SpA, a company operating in Abruzzo, in the integrated solid urban waste management sector.


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