Press Release

Acea S.p.A. ("Acea"), a leading industrial group in the water sector and among the leading environmental and energy operators, and BF S.p.A. ("BF"), a company active, through its subsidiaries, in all sectors of the Italian agro-industrial chain, have signed a memorandum of understanding ("MoU") for the development of possible collaborations aimed at the protection and reuse of water resources in the agricultural, water and energy sectors, with a view to expanding their respective businesses. The agreement was signed by the CEO of Acea, Fabrizio Palermo, and the CEO of BF, Federico Vecchioni.

Both groups are committed to launching research projects aimed at technological innovation and energy efficiency, with a focus on the circular economy and sustainable development, with the common goal of managing the entire water cycle and the reuse of water and energy resources.

With the MoU, which lasts two years, an exchange of information is initiated, as well as an in-depth activity on possible collaborations in the following areas:
Optimisation of the use of water in agriculture, to evaluate the collaboration on development projects and investments of the two companies; research and study of new technologies, also in the field of artificial intelligence and with a view to digital & precision farming, with particular regard to securing the supply, protection and reuse of water resources for irrigation;
Reclamation consortia, storage and pumping basins, with the aim of evaluating synergies in the water and energy field in the field of reclamation consortia through infrastructure works and interventions for environmental protection, disaster prevention and in the field of storage and pumping basins, including the installation of renewable electricity production plants (photovoltaic and hydroelectric energy);
Foreign development, to jointly explore new opportunities for collaboration in the foreign market, in particular in countries with technologies and know-how with growth potential, in order to develop the mutual businesses while supporting local agricultural, water and energy communities;
Circular economy and Italian supply chain, to evaluate joint initiatives and projects that promote circular economy models, aimed at the sustainable recovery of resources.

Specifically, the two companies will study initiatives to use the resources from Acea wastewater treatment and composting plants for the production of organic and mineral fertilisers. Also in this area, the implementation of activities that allow the use of agricultural by-products from BF’s supply chain in Acea plants for the production of biogas and energy will be evaluated, so to promote an extended model of development for a completely Italian supply chain. 

Acea's CEO Fabrizio Palermo stated: "I am particularly satisfied with this important agreement, since the agricultural sector is the main front for the use of water resources, and BF, with its subsidiaries, is the largest agricultural company in the country. The collaboration signed between Acea, the first Italian water operator, and BF can therefore bear great fruit in this sector, and give a strong boost to agriculture, a fundamental economic sector of our country".

The CEO of BF, Federico Vecchioni said: "Acea is a new fundamental ally for BF in the protection and sustainable management of natural resources, a wealth that we all share and on which we depend, and in the transition towards an ever-expanding circular economy". 


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