Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics, adopted in 2004 and updated in 2012, is a public statement by Acea of its commitment to pursue the highest ethical standards in the achievement of business objectives and, more generally, to share the values ​​of a corporate culture the cornerstone of which is the respect of the legitimate interests and needs of all stakeholders, whether individuals or organizations, involved in business practices.

The principles contained in the Code aim to increase the organization’s efficiency, directing recipients towards the achievement of positive goals that can be beneficial not only to those directly involved but to the overall external environment, through the improvement of internal and external relations and focus on good reputation.

Acea, including through the Ethics Committee, monitors compliance with the Code and puts in place appropriate prevention and control tools and procedures to ensure transparent activities and behaviours, through continuous improvement actions.

A whistleblowing channel is available for reporting to the relevant bodies any conduct that is in conflict with the principles and criteria of the Code of conduct; the objective is to strengthen the prevention and monitoring of compliance with the conduct set out in the Code of Ethics, while ensuring the highest degree of confidentiality and protection of whistleblowers.

The reports can be sent to the email address:

Please note that reports not pertaining to the principles protected by the Code of Conduct will not be considered.

Notice for Customers of the Acea Group

Any reports related to technical/commercial issues (e.g. commercial services, contract management, complaints, billing, readings, transfers, lack of water or power outage, fault reporting, etc.) must be sent to the relevant units of the various Group companies through MyAcea, the restricted area dedicated to customers of the Acea Group, and/or through the contacts listed in the Contact and Support section.