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Attendance index (lower compared to 2017)
Magnitude index (lower compared to 2017)
Hours of safety training

Data as at 31 December 2018

The majority of the companies in our Group have implemented OHSAS 18001 certified health and safety management systems.

Health and safety: our main events in 2018

Acea a Cardio-protected Company

This initiative was created to safeguard the health of our employees and visitors who come to our plants each day. The project envisaged the installation at our head office and at other company branches of 10 semi-automatic defibrillators (AED) specific training for 30 employees on basic cardiac life support and defibrillation.   

Acea on behalf of prevention

The CRA, with the support of the Acea Safety at Work Group, implemented the project to provide our employees with the opportunity to take advantage of certain free preventive medicine services, such as annual check-ups to assess their general health, in addition to the services already envisaged in the corporate health policy. Other initiatives held during the year were concerned with a review of all Acea’s emergency procedures and plans and the implementation of the anti-smoking awareness campaign “Let’s not send up our health in smoke”. This was run in collaboration with LILT (Italian League for the Fight Against Tumours), during which we introduced the Group Regulation to prohibit smoking.

Various companies in our Group organised numerous activities throughout the year, the majority of which were specific training courses on topics considered relevant for each individual business:

  • Acea Elabori conducted an internal survey to assess staff competency on certain specific topics and organised some courses on the chemical-cancerogenous risk for Laborataory technicians and on the road signs for the employees in the Safety Team supervising inspections for site safety
  • Acea Produzione, which has not recorded any incidents for several years, promoted training courses on fire-fighting, first aid, working at heights, confined spaces and the correct way to drive company vehicles
  • Acea Energia e Acea8cento focused on training on the topic of safety for those in charge of fire prevention, administrative personnel, supervisors and the Prevention and Protection Service Manager and Supervisor. Furthermore, it set upo a specific e-mail address to collect reports on safety in the workplace
  • Acea Ambiente organised training courses on the topic of near misses. It also took part in the European Work Safety Week to encourage an in-house culture on the topic, focusing on the presence of hazardous substances in the work environments
  • Acea Ato 5 held courses regarding first aid and how to manage emergencies, risks and operational and management procedures, and how to drive company vehicles. It obtained certification in compliance with the new ISO 45001:2018
  • Gesesa, included basic health and safety training for its first aiders and fire-fighters in particular
  • Aquaser focused on road safety: during the year, the company was awarded the UNI ISO 39001 certification - Road Traffic Safety Management System to handle road accidents. It provided specific training courses for transport employees regarding not only compliance with company procedures and safety standards, but also the correct management pf emergency and hazardous situations.  

The results in statistical terms of health and safety rewarded our commitment: in 2018, the indices of frequency and magnitude dropped, the number of injuries fell, as did the consequent number of days of absence. The majority of accidents occurred at the two water and energy distribution operational companies - Acea Ato 2 and Areti - which are more exposed to the risk of accidents due to the type of activities carried out.

The Areti training camp

The Training Camp is a structure dedicated to activities to provide education, information and practical training on health and safety at work (safely climbing/descending the medium and low voltage electric line poles; safe access to confined spaces underground; practice in using work/safety instruments, training for emergencies in a hazardous environment, etc.). It is also where newly hired personnel acquire the basic notions on safety and where the preliminary employment tests are held. This space ius also available for operational personnel from Areti and from other Companies in the Group and from external companies/bodies on request. In 2018, we organised 130 training sessions, amounting to 7,000 hours of practical and theoretical training. We also set up the Pleasant Safety Project to update the new employer organisations in the company following our restructuring. It provided basic safety training for operational personnel and involved 618 people.