For our employees

Most of the Group companies have implemented certified health and safety management systems. Moreover, with a view to constantly enhancing the operational management of occupational safety, we have put in place additional tools, including the Group Guidelines on Safety and the HSE (Heath, Safety, Environmental) dashboard to measure and monitor the performance data on which improvement interventions are based.

Our rigorous management of health and safety issues enabled us to quickly respond to the Covid-19 health emergency, by setting up a Committee for the prevention and management of Coronavirus and other infections, defining specific procedures and putting in  place specific initiatives to protect the health and safety of our people and those working with us. We in fact obtained Biosafety Trust Certification, an innovative certification scheme for preventing and controlling the spread of infections. 

Health and safety: the main initiatives in 2020 to deal with the Covid-19 emergency

During 2020 we implemented a number of actions to ensure the safety of our employees:

  •  during the year e-learning training courses were provided on the prevention of coronavirus, with the participation of 2,800 employees, which concerned: the trend in legislation and the emergency measures adopted by the Group; the biological risk; correct utilisation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and a focus on organisational well-being;
  • smart working was introduced for most administrative staff;
  • the work environments and modalities for accessing the company’s offices were reorganised, adopting procedures for the management of common areas and planning attendances via a software application;
  • operational staff, who continued to perform their services on-site and in contact with the public, were provided with specific personal protective equipment and information sessions were carried out regarding their correct utilisation;
  • in collaboration with hospital staff at the Tor Vergata Polyclinic, we offered employees the possibility to undergo serological tests, on a voluntary basis, with the participation of 3,000 people;
  • to support employees who contracted Covid-19, we took out a Covid-19 insurance policy, to guarantee them adequate insurance cover, which was subsequently extended also to their family members;
  • again with a view to providing staff with all health protection tools, we activated a flu vaccination campaign available to employees and cohabiting family members;
  • we launched the Covid-19 Campaign for the prevention and management of coronavirus, communicating via intranet some contents dedicated to the subject and FAQs regarding Covid-19 and preventive measures.

Our companies undertook a number of training activities in connection with health and safety:

  • Acea SpA provided the Group’s staff with over 12,000 training hours dedicated to the Covid-19 emergency;
  • Acea Elabori organised safety training courses for the main reference figures, providing a total 5,547 hours of education and training on safety and quality, with the involvement of 251 participants;
  • Acea Ato 2 arranged a total of 17,207 hours of training for its employees on occupational health and safety, of which 18% on coronavirus prevention. Moreover, the Company set up specific meetings designed to enhance the awareness of employees in the matter of occupational safety, installing “safety bulletin boards” at field offices to share information and data with employees and scheduling the experimentation of a smartwatch, for monitoring the health and safety parameters of shift workers at the Roma Sud plant;
  • Acea Ato 5 organised overall 2,758 hours of safety information, education and training, involving a total of around 262 resources. In addition to education regarding the management of works in confined, potentially pollutant spaces at risk of exposure to vibrations and noise, and the courses for supervisors, it also carried out, through the activities of the Coronavirus Management Committee, a staff awareness campaign on developments in the pandemic situation;
  • AdF provided overall 2,399 hours of safety information, education and training, in particular on aspects associated with the Covid-19 emergency, involving a total of 415 people;
  • Gesesa carried out targeted Covid-19 education initiatives, involving 13 operational units;
  • Gori increased the training of operational staff to enhance skills, awareness and professionalism with regard to occupational safety;
  • Aquaser, in addition to continuing the training of transportation staff, with a view to enhancing the awareness of drivers to company procedures and safety, especially road safety, created the “Vademecum coronavirus” training video for company employees.
  • Acea Ambiente, at some of its plants, distributed informative videos concerning anti-contagion measures and provided training in e-learning mode again with regard to Covid-19;
  • Areti continued staff training at the Training Camp.



The Areti training camp

Again in 2020, subject to reorganisation based on the new rules imposed by the Covid-19 health emergency, Areti continued staff training at the Training Camp, a dedicated structure for workplace health and safety education (ascending/descending in safety the medium and low voltage power line poles; safe access to confined underground spaces; practice in using work/safety instruments, training for emergencies in a hazardous environment, etc.). During 2020 a total of 7,883 hours of education and training were performed, involving 647 people.