Press Release

Acea announces that it has received, on the evening of February 25th, the resignation of the Director, Diane Galbe. Ms Galbe, who was elected from the slate submitted by the shareholder, Suez, at the Annual General Meeting held on 29 May 2020, is to resign with immediate effect. The decision has been taken following her appointment to a major new position with an international industrial group.

Ms Galbe, a non-executive, non-independent Director, is not a member of any Board committee and does not appear, as of today’s date, to hold shares in Acea.

On her own behalf and on behalf of the entire Board of Directors, the Chairwoman, Michaela Castelli, would like to thank Ms Galbe for her significant contribution, as a Director, to the Company’s sustainable growth and wishes her all the best in her prestigious and demanding new position.

The next meeting of Acea’s Board of Directors will take the appropriate decisions.


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