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Focus on organic growth in regulated businesses, development of waste treatment activities, strong commitment to operational efficiency and organizational:

  • Increased investment primarily in the regulated activities, and in the Environment: a total of about 2.3 billion euros
  • EBITDA growth: 864 million Euro in 2019 (+ 20% compared to 2014)
  • Net Financial Position / EBITDA for 2019 amounted to 2.6x (2.9x in 2014)
  • Focusing on operational efficiency, totaling, in the period, about 70 million Euros and quality of services thanks to Acea 2.0 program
  • Policy of transparent and sustainable dividends

Rome, June 9, 2015
- The Acea's Board of Directors has approved the Business Plan of the Group for the 2015-2019 period.

"The Strategic Plan 2015-2019 designed the new Acea we want to build in the coming years and to which we are already working with great determination," said Catia Tomasetti, President of Acea. "Our goal - he continued - to give life to a company that makes technological innovation its main strength. Acea will be the first Italian multi-utility all-digital: ACEA 2.0. This will allow us to revolutionize the way we distribute services to our local community in a short time. The quality of service is and must be our main mission, "concluded Catia Tomasetti.

"We have approved a business plan with clear and achievable objectives, oriented to value creation" - said the CEO of Acea, Alberto Irace - "with a significant strengthening of regulated activities and the environmental sector. There is a strong commitment to the improvement in working capital and an increasingly solid financial structure. We have identified - said Irace - recurring efficiencies of approximately 30 million Euro to 2019 to 70 million euros of efficiency in arc Plan. These efficiencies will be achieved through an impressive transformation of Acea based on the introduction of massive technology and process reengineering. We are also ready to do our part to the full - has concluded the CEO - to promote and implement the process of consolidation among the utilities in central and southern Italy, if and when the institutional levels involved actually move in this direction ".


The Business Plan 2015-2019 confirms the development strategies in place, putting a strong focus on organic growth, especially in regulated activities that will continue to generate about 75% of consolidated EBITDA. The Company reiterates the important commitment oriented operational efficiency and organizational innovation, and improving the quality of services.

The Group's growth will be oriented along the following strategic lines:

  • consolidation and development of regulated sectors, with a strong increase in investment, assuming a reasonable sustainability of the financial costs recognized by the regulator and stability of the new regime;
  • implementation of existing projects authorized in the environment and, in particular, consolidation / development of waste treatment and composting plants;
  • rationalization and efficiency of operational processes in all areas of business and corporate, through a major development of information systems with particular regard to those dibilling, as well as the introduction of the Work Force Management;
  • Energy optimization of the customer portfolio;
  • modernization / expansion of public lighting network;


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