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  • EBITDA to € 177.4 million (166.0000000 euros in 1Q2014, + 6.9%)
  • EBIT to 104.1 million euros (99.9 million euros in 1Q2014, + 4.2%)
  • Net profit of EUR 50.5 million (44.5 million euros in 1Q2014, + 13.5%)
  • Net financial indebtedness at 2,139.6 million euros (2,089,100,000 euros at December 31, 2014, + 2.4%)
  • Investments of $ 72.0 million (66.4 million euros in 1Q2014, + 8.4%)


Rome, May 14, 2015 - The Acea's Board of Directors, chaired by Catia Tomasetti, approved the Interim Management Report at 31 March 2015.

"Step by step, we are pursuing with determination the construction of the new ACEA, a company more efficient digital, competitive and focused on the needs of the territory", said the Chairman of ACEA, Catia Tomasetti. "The first data of 2015, about a year after our settlement - he continued - confirm that the managerial rigor and the progressive involvement of employees in the innovation process allow to obtain significant results, now we want to consolidate in the remainder of the year" .

"The results of these first three months are satisfactory and encourage us to do even more," he stressed the CEO of Acea Alberto Irace. "Compared to the same period last year, earnings and EBITDA continue to grow, as well as investment, they do mark a + 8.4%. The Energy segment, despite the continuation of the decline in consumption, marks a strong performance, thanks to an improved mix of customers. Also ongoing is the face of the efficiency commitment of working capital. We go on like this, with the intent to continue to produce added value for shareholders and customers, "concluded the CEO.



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