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With new methods of procurement, early interventions and services will work with mobile technology

Rome, February 12, 2015 - Acea 2.0 starts to become reality. In the next few hours, they will be published in the EU Official Journal the first two batches of new tenders that the company has prepared perdigitalizzare the means of intervention and management of their water and electricity distribution networks.

During these months, with input from the President Catia Tomasetti and dell'ADAlberto Irace, the ACEA Group has initiated a process that, by 2016, will allow to manage through innovative cabinet technologies and so perfectly integrated all work processes: from infrastructure construction to maintenance services, the management of care alcustomer networks, etc. This revolution will be possible thanks to the Work Force Management (WFM), a digital platform - built by the multinational SAP - which will coordinate and monitor in real time all the activities of Acea and its suppliers.

The management of water networks in Rome and Frosinone and distribution of electrical energy in Rome will be the first two industrial areas to be affected by the digitization process, from the selection of suppliers, who are obliged to adopt the new method of digital work.

The company has in fact set up a new mode of notices that will invest in the area about 500 million euro, implementing a significant concentration of items: 100 annual contracts will go to 5 macroappalti, thus activating the strategic lines of credit and long-term (from one minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5 years).

This is the programming of calls for proposals:

Integrated water service:

Acea Ato 2 (operator of water services in Rome and province - 3.8 million inhabitants) will launch two batches of 110 million euro each for the construction / maintenance of new water pipelines and sewerage infrastructure. The notices were sent to Guce.

Acea Ato 5 (operator of water services and the province of Frosinone) will initiate a ban of 30 million euro in the second half of 2015.

Electric power distribution:

Acea Distribuzione, Acea the company that manages the whole of Rome electrical distribution network will start by March 2015 2 lots of 120 million Euros each, for the maintenance and modernization of the network.

The award parameters of the races will not be to the lowest bidder, but technical and economic. The technical offer will be evaluated according to criteria relating to the environment, security, technological innovation capability of the contractor.

Once you have become operational, the new credit will allow you to digitally manage all phases of 43,000 interventions that Acea place every year on the Rome and Lazio, reducing by about 1/3 working time and services provided. Technicians and workers, equipped with tablets and smartphones, after completing each stage of its engagement, may documenting their requirements by sending geotagged photos. This will allow a check in real time the progress of works and maintenance, with the automatic application of penalties in case of delays and performance reserve (up to 10% of the contract value) at suitable risultasti. The system also allows real-time monitor the performance of the work performed, which will be assessed every four months on the basis of quality of service parameters prepared and certified by an ad hoc study.

"Giving life to Acea 2.0 is one of the objectives that we consider the most important of our mandate," said Chairman of Acea Catia Tomasetti. "Once fully operational - he continued - the new system will change the way we work, reducing by about one-third the time of response to the needs of customers and citizens and making it more efficient planning of interventions on the territory. Moreover, thanks to the mobile technologies, our technicians and workers can dramatically reduce travel time and improve the quality of the working day, also having more time for their families. In his centennial history, Acea has always distinguished itself by its ability to bring modernity in the territories. This commitment to innovation, now, again with great force "concluded Tomasetti.

"The application of the Work Force Management, and the new mode of proclamations will bring much greater efficiency in all our operations," said the CEO of Acea Alberto Irace. "Every single step of the maintenance activities of a work - he continued - will in fact be monitored through innovative technologies, generating significant added value for customers and shareholders. With new announcements, we hope to select strategic partners involved, whether its digital ACEA's and affianchino our work for a medium to long term, three to five years. While acting in a monopoly in most of our industrial areas, we must not lower our guard in terms of quality of work and services. For this, together with our employees, we are building a company that, for service quality and response times, will confront the best players in Europe "concluded Irace.

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