Press Release

Rome, March 24th 2014.  The Board of Directors of Acea SpA, in compliance with statutory regulations and the Company’s articles of association, has called the Annual General Meeting for 5 June 2014. The Meeting will, among other things, be invited to approve the financial statements. The full agenda will be announced no later than 2 April 2014.

In drawing up the agenda, the Board of Directors will take into account the request received from the Mayor of the City of Rome (Roma Capitale), as announced in the release issued on 20 March 2014, relating to the following agenda items:

“ a. To reduce the number of Directors of the Company;

b. (should the above be approved) To elect the Board of Directors;

c. To elect the Chairman;

d. (in any event) To fix the remuneration of the Board of Directors.”

Any further observations that Roma Capitale, as a shareholder of the Company, may make regarding the above matters in response to the request made by the Board of Directors of Acea SpA following an assessment of the situation, will also be taken into account.

Acea SpA’s Board of Statutory Auditors concurs with the above decisions taken by the Company’s Board of Directors and has reserved the right to make further comment, once the agenda for the Annual General Meeting and the relevant reports have been finalised.


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