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ACEA Innovation's services are enriched with two added-value functionalities for the benefit of institutions and citizens

On the occasion of Ecomondo, the most important green and circular economy trade fair in the Euro-Mediterranean area, Acea Innovation is introducing two technological solutions to support CPO functions: the “IPADS” system for more efficient management of parking bays dedicated to recharging electric vehicles, and the “ACEA NOSE” system for monitoring the environmental parameters of the areas surrounding recharging infrastructures.

Acea Innovation, an Acea Group company operating in the field of mobility and energy & waste transition, has conceived and realised together with its technological partner BRIDGE 129 - TTM Technology group, a leading company in the sector of access control to Limited Traffic Zones and in Intelligent Vision systems in the public and private sector, a technological system called “IPADS” thanks to which it will be possible to detect in real time, through video-processing, the correct occupation of parking spaces for electric vehicle recharging. As the technology is supported by an innovative solution that exploits high-capacity neural networks, IPADS will enable the implementation of further specific services that may be required by municipalities or authorities, such as security and Smart City services.

The other novelty presented is “ACEA NOSE”, a multi-parameter control unit for detecting and monitoring different gaseous compounds, designed thanks to the engineering know-how of Acea Elabori. The control unit will be managed through a technology that allows for customised use, autonomously choosing the set of gases to be monitored and their measurement range. The basic configuration currently includes nine sensors: six plug-and-play electrochemical sensors, a methane sensor, a particulate sensor and a VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) sensor.

Both technology solutions were designed by Acea Innovation with a modular and scalable approach. This makes it possible for other interested European CPOs to acquire and market these services as well.

At the national level, both systems will be implemented as part of the agreement signed in September 2022 between Acea Innovation and the Tuscan municipality of Castiglione della Pescaia, the first in Italy - to be followed by other municipalities already involved - to develop an integrated mobility system that will be part of its medium-term plan for the development of the territory from a Smart City perspective. 


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