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Gesesa Shareholders’ Meeting unanimously approved this morning the 2021 Financial Statements, registering a loss of approximately € 280,000.00 for the financial year.

During the meeting, the shareholders highlighted the efforts made by the company in a particularly complex year, showing gratitude to the Board of Directors and - through its members - to the whole company, which has demonstrated its competence and constant attention to the community.

In fact, the approved financial statements revealed how an effective organisation and management of functional corporate processes – including a consequent rationalisation of costs – mitigated the effects deriving from the devaluation of some receivables, the increase in energy costs, the costs for investment in purification plants subject to seizure as well as investments - which could not be postponed - in water networks.

The public shareholders attending the meeting underlined how scrupulous GESESA was to pursue sustainable development in the territory and to meet the users’ needs across the several municipalities served.

This meeting was also an opportunity to debate the crucial moment that the Integrated Water Service Management is undergoing - especially in our territory - and an occasion for everybody to whish a quick solution which could ensure access to the financing provided by the PNRR (Italy’s Recovery and Resilience Plan).

President Domenico Russo and CEO Salvatore Rubbo were confirmed for years 2020-2024. Oberdan Picucci was confirmed as a public-sector director and Amina Ingaldi was appointed to replace Alessandra Itro. Vittorio Cuciniello and Patrizia Vasta were confirmed as private-sector directors, along with Maria Grazia Costa, appointed to replace Federica Marinetti.

The Assembly thanked and sent warm greetings to the outgoing Board Members for their work, wishing the new Board of Directors the best for the next three years.


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