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18 charging points installed for electric vehicles

Acea Innovation – in collaboration with the Municipality of Castel Gandolfo – has submitted a plan for electric mobility in the municipal area. As set out in the plan, nine Quick technology charging columns (designed for standard charging) for electric vehicles have been installed, for a total of 18 charging points that will be available to citizens and tourists.

Mayor Milvia Monachesi, Councillor for traffic Alberto De Angelis and CEO of Acea Innovation, Valerio Marra, inaugurated the first two charging columns – ready to use – located respectively in via Leonardo da Vinci in Pavona di Castel Gandolfo and in via Palazzo Pontificio in the old town of Castel Gandolfo. Seven additional charging points will soon be available in different areas of the town: two in Largo Brazzà, two in viale Bruno Buozzi, eight in via Spiaggia del Lago (two at Piazzale dei Giochi Olimpici, four at the gallery and two near the La Quintessa restaurant), and two in via Garibaldi (opposite the bank).

The charging points – powered by 100% green energy – will be equipped with innovative technologies ensuring a high level of reliability, thanks to the use of the BOMTS ICT platform, property of Acea Innovation. The infrastructures will be managed through an interoperability regime and will therefore be available via the apps of the major national EMSP (Electric Mobility Service Provider).

'We would like to thank Acea Innovation for its support at every step of the project, which allowed us to provide our town with services and infrastructure which are nowadays essential for encouraging people to rely on private transport that uses renewable, sustainable and alternative energy sources. The charging point in Pavona was also commissioned through funding granted to the Municipality of Castel Gandolfo by the Department of Mobility of Regione Lazio – to which we extend our thanks. Working with the staff of the municipality offices - to whom I am grateful - we were able to detect and position the charging columns in strategic points useful for both citizens residing in Castel Gandolfo – and having a charging point at home – and for tourists who may leverage the charging time to visit the historical, natural, sporting and accommodation attractions of our town. As of today, Castel Gandolfo can compete with other smart and green cities on a national level and encourage the promotion of a slow and sustainable lifestyle and tourism as well', said Councillor Alberto De Angelis.

Valerio Marra, CEO of Acea Innovation, commented: 'It has been an honour for us to cooperate with the Municipality of Castel Gandolfo and to share the commitment to the ecological transition of this extraordinary community of Lazio which has shown a great environmental, landscape-friendly attitude. The development project launched together with the Administration is in line with the mission of Acea Innovation and with our strategic development plan, aimed at providing support to public and private bodies, citizens and companies to implement technological solutions in order to favour the green transition'.


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