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Acea Innovation and the Municipality of Scarlino (Grosseto, Italy) have signed an agreement aimed at developing electric mobility in the municipality. The parties have agreed on the installation of six electric vehicle charging infrastructures, for a total of 12 charging points.
By signing the agreement, Acea Innovation is committed to investing in the municipality and – in collaboration with the administration - to promoting sustainable tourism and mobility in line with the goals of the 2030 Agenda. The company will be involved not only in the installation, but also in the management of the charging infrastructures. These will be accessible via different apps and cards of the main national EMSP (E-Mobility Service Provider) thanks to an interoperability regime. The charging points - powered by 100% green energy - will be equipped with innovative technologies allowing a high-level reliability obtained through the BOMTS ICT platform, property of Acea Innovation.
The agreement provides for the free concession of public land to Acea Innovation, which will be responsible for building the infrastructures in strategic areas of the municipality, such as the urban centre (Rocca Pisana), Scarlino Scalo (Via Puccini and Via Lelli) and Puntone, in the car park of the marina and in Via degli Ulivi. The company, a CPO (Charge Point Operator) of the ACEA Group, has already begun the procedure for the preparation of construction sites, with the aim of installing the infrastructures and making them available to citizens and tourists by the summer.
Valerio Marra, Chief Executive of Acea Innovation, commented: 'This new project of electric mobility – in a land dear to Acea like Tuscany - let us believe that a real implementation of the principles of circular economy, sustainable mobility, energetic efficiency, and waste transition (to which Acea Innovation is deeply committed) can be achieved through the sensitivity of the local administrations to sustainability goals. We are confident that the great understanding developed over the past months with the administration of Scarlino can be considered as a first step towards a wider joint planning for an increasingly sustainable growth, which can address different development sectors and involve all stakeholders across the territory'.
'After the installation of the Water House – says Luciano Giulianelli, vice mayor of the Municipality of Scarlino – now it is time for the charging points for electric vehicles. We are working to achieve all the objectives of the environmental policy that we included in the Emas certification. Among these is the development of sustainable mobility, and we do need to adopt the tools and services to facilitate it and make it possible. Sustainable tourism is part of this: pursuing electric mobility is a further advantage and motivation to visit our territory. And that is not all: those who have an electric car will be able to locate the nearest charging stations via the EMSP app: this looks certainly as an opportunity for promotion. Those who may decide to stop in Scarlino for charging their vehicles with 100% green energy will have the opportunity to know the municipality and, perhaps, choose it as the next holiday destination. In addition, the transport sector is strategic to achieve the goals of a low-carbon economy, and electric mobility is a means which can bring advantages in terms of improvement of air quality and reduction of noise pollution in the city'.


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