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Tomorrow, from 18.30 to 19.30, on the occasion of the "International Day of Energy Saving", Acea will take part in the initiative by turning off the lights of the offices of the Group companies, from Rome to Florence, from Lucca to Grosseto, from Arezzo to Pisa, from Perugia to Terni, from Frosinone to Ercolano (NA).

On the same day, Acea will engage the students of some primary and lower secondary schools in Lazio and Umbria, in the project Acea Scuola "We are energy. Turn off the light and turn on your imagination”, dedicated to these issues. Acea Scuola, the educational project of the Acea Group created in 2002 to promote information and training on sustainability, wants to raise awareness among young people through a multimedia educational platform that talks about all the challenges posed by the energy issue, starting from the use of renewable sources to the need of reducing unnecessary consumptions in daily life. From February 18 to March 4, by connecting to a dedicated platform, students will be able to dive in this educational journey focused on energy-related topics.

The "International Day for Energy Saving", established in 2005 after the Kyoto Protocol, represents an opportunity for Acea to prove its commitment to sustainability issues, with a particular focus on the ecological transition, starting from the push on renewables. In the Group's 2020-2024 Plan, 2.1 billion of the 4.7 billion euros of total investments, are destined to specific sustainability targets.


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