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Gesesa provides its clients with instructions displaying different ways to transmit self-readings of water consumption, in order to ensure that bills are issued in line with the effective consumptions.
The first method to transmit the self-reading, from those available, is by means of the dedicated My Gesesa portal at, in which customers can easily upload their self-readings in a quick and safe way.

Self-reading via e-mail
Customers can also transmit self-readings by sending an e-mail to and attaching a photo of the meter. This is fundamental for a correct verification of the reading and helps customers with old clock meters, which are more difficult to read than those with a digital counter.

Self-reading via My Gesesa App
An even simpler and quicker method is the transmission of readings via app by downloading My Gesesa on smartphones. This method turns out to be very important, especially for clients whose meter is located in points that are not easily accessible for meter readers. Moreover, this method allows to avoid any technical staff intervention for your utility.

Self-reading via SMS
Another way to transfer the self-reading using a mobile phone is by a simple SMS. Customers should enter their data in the following format: USERCODE#CLIENTCODE#SELF-READING and send the message to the phone number 339 494 1014.

Self-reading via toll-free number.
Our Call Centre is always available to transmit meter readings:
Call the toll-free number 800 250 981 (free of charge from both mobile and landline phones) from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 and Saturday from 09:00 to 12:00.
To transmit the self-reading correctly, it is essential to pay attention to the type of meter of your utility. There can be two types of meters, which should be read differently:

  • Clock meters: in this case, just take into account the figures indicated by black hands, while red quadrants should be ignored. If the hand indicates a space of the quadrant between two figures, please consider the lower.
  • Direct-read meters: take into account only figures in black, ignoring the underlying quadrants.

Find out some brief but useful information on how to make a self-reading in the "Self-reading" section of our website ( 


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