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The Group achieved a score of 82/100 in overall assessment of ESG performance 

Acea is confirmed as one of the companies with the best overall performance on sustainability issues, as certified by Gaïa Rating, the French agency that assesses non-financial results and the effective integration of sustainable policies in company governance.  

In fact, for the fourth year running, Acea enhanced its overall performance on sustainability issues with a total score of 82/100 in 2021 (it was 78/100 in 2020).

“This result proves how Acea’s path for sustainable development is valuable, combining innovation and investments with close attention to people and territories in view of shared value” – says Stefano Songini, Head of Investor Relations & Sustainability of Acea Group. “The appreciation that external observers and analysts have repeatedly expressed for Acea gives an impulse to the group to set new growth targets, increasingly focused on business sustainability in the medium and long term.”


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