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At the Istituto Alberti of Benevento, the project PCTO (Paths for Transversal Competences and Orientation) has been presented with Gesesa.

Two study curricula are involved in a project focused on Water as a resource, on its use, qualities, protection and the institutional communication connected to it.

Students from the two 3rd year classes attended the presentation together with the project representative Luisa Bonito and the headmaster of the Institute, Giovanni Liccardo, who stated “This project will engage our students in very important and urgent issues, as they refer to the protection of the environment surrounding us; they will be the main players of this project.”

Salvatore Rubbo, CEO of Gesesa, showcased the programme and added “The PCTO projects are based on educational paths marked by a special attention to those activities that could be later encountered in the world of employment. For the fourth year running, Gesesa begins the school-work programme in partnership with the Istituto Alberti of Benevento. This is an opportunity for the students to come into contact with the topic of environmental sustainability.”

The project aims at creating a positive exchange between school and enterprise. The initiative, aimed at favouring the growth of a new generation which is more conscious and attentive to the issue of sustainability, offers an educational-training path which not only promotes technical-scientific knowledge, but at the same time stimulates the interest and the motivation of the students who, with their own ideas, might become a driver for social, economic and environmental innovation.

Gesesa was also represented by Emilio Porcaro, Supervisor of Communication and Relationship with the Territory, and by the two masters of the trade Giorgia Dora Amato, operating manager, and Melania Russo, supervisor of Communication and External Relations.

The topics which will be discussed by the students of the Chemistry curriculum are: Industrial Cycle of Water, Aqueduct Management, Purification and Chemistry applied to the integrated water service. On the other hand, the topics discussed by the AFM (Administration, Finance and Marketing) curriculum will be: Institutional and Business Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Marketing and Societal Marketing. 


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