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The Group presented an App for water saving, drones to monitor the network without CO2 emissions, and new Augmented Reality projects.

For the eighth year running, Acea supports and takes part in the “Maker Faire in Rome – The European Edition”, the meeting place where businesses, schools, universities and research centers share their projects and knowledge. The event is not only the most important European family-friendly event focusing on innovation and new technology trends, but also a key opportunity for Acea to showcase its commitment to these issues, year after year. During the 9th edition, whose three-day fair begins in Rome today at the Gazometro Ostiense, Acea will show the Italian community of makers and start-uppers, its most innovative Industry 4.0 solutions applied to the Group's infrastructures and industrial areas.

“Innovation is one of the pillars of Acea's industrial plan, for which we budgeted 615 million worth of investments - stated ACEA's Chief Executive Officer Giuseppe Gola- it is also a key driver in the successful pursuit of the sustainability goals at the core of our businesses. From managing the water and power networks to waste management, innovation is a key enabling factor for our company's new projects and for the digital transformation which will turn our towns into smart cities".
At the Group's stand, visitors will be able to experience the new frontiers of Augmented Reality through the Microsoft Hololens 2, which allows this new technology to express its full potential. Visitors will also be able to test the new 3D free-hand drawing App, for a direct experience of all the possibilities opened up by technology and this device. Acea wants to give everyone a chance to deep dive into the technology of the future, and imagine its infinite uses.
On the theme of safety at work,, Acea presents a project developed with BeamDigital. A 'workers' watch', which is a smart watch worn by staff working on building sites, alerts employees on the potential risks of misusing, or avoiding altogether, the safety devices at their disposal. The project also entails setting up specific sensors to monitor any potentially risky situation in the workplace as it develops.

As for smart monitoring solutions, the Group proposes an innovative process to monitor natural and human interference on its electrical systems called GIMMI,  the Italian acronym for Massive Targeted Infrastructure Inspection Management. By combining three different technologies (drones, satellites and Artificial Intelligence), this inspection system helps reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.
For the water sector, Acea presents Waidy Wow, an App designed to promote the smart use of drinking water fountains, keeping a watchful eye on sustainability. In fact, the App encourages the use of refillable containers, contributes to reducing single-use plastic and promotes a responsible use of water. Furthermore, the App uses geo-location to find the nearest drinking water fountain among the 6,000 available across the territory served by Acea Group companies, while providing information on their history.


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