Press Releases

With reference to the articles recently appeared in the press about the so-called “Multiutility Toscana” project, ABF (Acque Blu Fiorentine), part of the Acea Group, feels compelled to clarify that, to this date, any actions on its part have been aimed exclusively to safeguard the interests of Publiacqua.
However, the position adopted by other public partners appears to be aimed at reaching objectives that do not take into account the company’s interests, also considering the brilliant results it has obtained. This is proven by the numerous irregularities perpetrated since the start of the so-called “Multiutility Project”, including a number of irregular General Meetings for which there is no documentation, making it impossible for ABF to fully assess the industrial project on which the proposed initiative is based.
Therefore, ABF reserves the right to take any actions necessary to protect the interests of Società Publiacqua.


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