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A new Gesesa Point in Morcone was activated this morning. The Morcone information point will be active on the same days and at the same times the Town Hall offices are open to the public.

The “Gesesa Point" is an information point set up through a Memorandum of Understanding between the local administration of Morcone and Gesesa. 
The Memorandum provides for the City Hall staff to be trained on Gesesa information systems and the “MyGesesa” Customer Area in particular. This is a new communication channel within the website where a number of queries can be solved without visiting the actual local offices.

The Gesesa point in Morcone also provides all the paper forms needed to submit other requests on any of the services managed by the local company within the integrated water service.

"I am delighted to announce the activation of this key service for our residents, who will thus be able to sort out their paperwork with no need to go all the way to Benevento", stated Luigino Ciarlo, the mayor of Morcone.

"I want to thank the financial department staff for embracing with enthusiasm this new chore, which is the result of on-going discussions with Gesesa, focused on resolving a number of issues that have been outstanding, especially regarding the availability of water services in several areas of our town. We are confident we can count on the company's commitment to resolve these difficult issues".

"I am really happy that the 'Gesesa Point' was activated at Morcone's Town Hall." These are the statements from the CEO of Gesesa Salvatore Rubbo: "The local administration seized the opportunity offered by Gesesa to improve the service offered and increase our customers' satisfaction. Thus our fruitful cooperation between Gesesa and the Local Administration carries on, not just with a view to improve our relationship with users, but also to reduce water leaks and, more generally, to safeguard our precious water resources".


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