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The initiative was organized by ASviS for the 5th edition of the Festival of Sustainable Development

On the occasion of the fifth edition of the Sustainable Development Festival organized by ASviS, Acea projected on the Pyramid of Cestius the symbols of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN's 2030 Agenda. Acea is thus taking this initiative for a second year, confirming its commitment to the dissemination of the culture of sustainability.

The projection was made using low consumption LED beams, thus combining efficiency, aesthetics and energy saving to show the multi-utility’s commitment to sustainability values and objectives in action.

"Lighting up one of the most beautiful monuments of ancient Rome, stated Asvis' President Marcella Mallen, is a reminder to those who live in the present that we need to look to the future, and this is only possible through sustainable development".

"The dial formed by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals projected on the Pyramid of Cestius, commented Acea's President Michaela Castelli, is a symbolic representation of how our Group, together with ASviS, supports the campaign to raise awareness  on sustainability, while promoting development models that are consistent with these goals".


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