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In the 2021/2022 Serie BKT season, Gesesa will be sleeve sponsor of Benevento’s football club.
For the duration of the championship, Gesesa’s logo will feature on the left sleeve of the team’s shirt, in adverts, and in the visibility areas at the municipality’s “Ciro Vigorito” stadium.
Gesesa, part of the Acea Group, operates in Benevento and in other 21 municipalities within its province, where it manages the integrated water service.
Giuseppe Gola, CEO of the Acea Group, said: “We are proud of sponsoring Benevento Calcio, it’s a sign of our support to the City and its Province, where we are happy to operate and continue to develop”.
Giovanni Papaleo, Operations Director of Acea SpA, said: “We are very pleased to start a collaboration with Benevento Calcio to bring value and to actively contribute to the growth of the City and its Province”.
“As a citizen and as a supporter of the team – added Domenico Russo, President of - Gesesa – I am proud and very happy about sponsoring Benevento Calcio. I thank Acea for accepting my invitation to invest in Benevento Calcio, which is such an important part of our community”.
Oreste Vigorito, president of Benevento Calcio, said: “We are very proud to have an important company such as Gesesa sponsoring the Serie B championship, and I thank them for the sponsorship and in particular for their support, I am sure that “together” we will have a great adventure”.
“As a supporter of the team of the City I am from, concluded Salvatore Rubbo – Chief Executive of Gesesa – I am moved and proud of the sponsorship deal between Acea, Gesesa, and Benevento Calcio. Go Strega!”


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