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“The work carried out over the last few months involved the progressive reduction of the volumes of water used to supply the urban water network (city and surrounding areas) as well as the improvement of the water distribution across the different water districts, with the aim to achieve an homogeneous mix of local and Bifermo resources.” said the Head of Protection of Water Resources and Health and Safety of Gesesa, Pasquale Schiavo.
“In particular – Mr Schiavo added – the work consisted of activities crucial to reducing the dispersion of water in the North and Pietrafitta districts but also in Via Meomartini, the Coluonni district, Via Ciletti and Via Ponticelli. This allowed us to caliber the water systems in the areas around the city (reducing service issues) and improving services in the city’s historic center. Data on the city network minimum nocturnal absorption before and after the work show a reduction of water volumes of 30 l/sec (equivalent to approximately 2000 cubic meters per day if maintained constant over time).”
Lastly, Gesesa informs that the positive results are confirmed by the monthly water balance that shows that the water volumes supplied in June 2021 are considerably lower compared to the same time last year. Volumes were down from over 31,000 cubic meters per day in June 2020 to just over 28,000 in June 2021. The work to reduce water losses has only just started and thanks to the commitment of Gesesa engineers more interventions have been planned on the water network of Benevento and the other municipalities served by the company. Despite the results obtained until now, the level of attention must remain high in consideration of the fact that the water adduction and distribution systems are precarious by nature, especially when old infrastructure is involved.


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