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More efficiency and less environmental impact, as well as improved safety and telecontrol: in Fiuggi, Acea Ato 5 carried out significant work to renovate the water treatment plant of Colle delle Mele, a project worth 225,000 euro.
In the project at Colle delle Mele, Acea Ato 5 – in line with the principals of the Acea Group – combined environmental sustainability, promoting specific actions aimed at minimizing the impact on the ecosystem, with treatment plant efficiency, by installing new technology on the selection grids to improve the depuration functionalities, optimizing the quality of the sludge produced at the plant.

It also improved the system that reduces odors and the treatment of odorous molecules through the nebulization of organic essential oils in the air. Additionally, the project involved implementing telecontrol systems that play a significant part in optimizing work, ensuring the constant monitoring of the process, and allowing for punctual and targeted interventions. The ability to visualize any anomalies in real time facilitates smart maintenance, as human intervention can happen before any breaks or real damage occurs.
The lighting system of the plant was also improved by installing led lights throughout the facility. The new lighting, as well as offering better visibility, also allows to save 70% more electricity. This means 13,000 kWh less per year, which in CO2 emissions is equivalent to 9,000 kg of greenhouse gas, or 33 TOE (tons of oil equivalent).

The work carried out involved the entire plant, including operation facilities. The aim of the project was a complete renovation and upgrade to improve organization, functionality, structure, and operations in general. Today the water treatment plant has a smaller visual impact, achieved by repainting the buildings in the area around the plant and improving pedestrian routes and vehicle road conditions.


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