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As usual, Gesesa celebrates “World Water Day 2021” with schools, but this year the event is held remotely.

For the third consecutive year, with the project dedicated to primary and middle school students, which this year has been extended to high-school students, Gesesa aims to create an important training opportunity on topical issues: students will learn more about environmental sustainability and, in particular, how to protect the environment and natural resources, and will also have the chance to start training programs on recycling and on how to use water responsibly. An important occasion to teach the value of water and civic sense to the new generations.
As remote learning platforms are now widely available, Gesesa recognizes that the best way of marking this important day dedicated to the sustainable use of water is via these new technologies.
Therefore, to celebrate World Water Day 2021 and kickoff Gesesa’s School project, it has made a moving video that will capture the attention of children and young students and show them how important this essential element is for life. Water is not an unlimited resource and must not be wasted.
Gesesa’s “H2SCHOOL, The Importance of Water for Life” project, is part of the Civic Education activities, the subject that Decree 137/2008 reshaped and renamed Citizenship and Constitution. Civic Education activities include the study of sustainable development, centered around three fundamental topics at the basis of the discipline. This way, through Gesesa’s School project, students come in contact with environmental education subjects, learning about and protecting heritage and environment, in line with the goals in the UN 2030 Agenda.
With the use of remote learning platforms, Gesesa has decided to offer students in Italy’s southern regions the chance to watch a play – performed by “Red Roger”, a company actively involved in environmental education that over the past few years has performed live in schools – called “H2WOW, The Importance of Water for Life”, about the cycle of water and how not to waste it.
As in previous years, Gesesa has chosen to launch this project on this significant day and to launch the video about World Water Day 2021 as an introduction to the project. Today, participating schools will mark this day by showing their students via remote learning platforms this video, created specifically to mark the event, and in the next few months it will be followed by the above-mentioned performance.
The World Water Day 2021 video is available on Gesesa’s YouTube channel.

Schools taking part include:

Joint Primary and Middle School Institutions
I.C. Convitto Nazionale Pietro Giannone and connected schools
I.C. Leonardo Bianchi in San Bartolomeo in Galdo
I.C. of Ponte, including schools in Torrecuso and Paupisi
I.C. Sant’Angelo a Sasso
I.C. San Pio in Pietrelcina
I.C. Statale in Colle Sannita
Scuola Primaria Bilingue in Benevento
Scuola Paritaria Madre Orsola Mezzini in Benevento

Secondary Schools in Benevento
ITI G.B. Lucarelli
I.I.S.S. Alberti Liceo Scientifico

The specific topic on which the UN wants us to reflect this year is “valuing water”. Water has an impact on everything we do: culture, health, economy, education, and integrity of the environment.


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