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The project presented to Gesesa by the student association UNISEA aims at raising awareness among students, teachers and administrative staff at the university, of the issues caused by pollution and plastic waste in particular, and reduce and eliminate the use of plastic water bottles on the University campus.

The partnership with UNISEA includes the collaboration in a number of events created to promote sustainable development, which Gesesa has been organizing in primary and middle schools for the past few years.

When UNISEA came to us with the project to reduce the use of PET on the University campus and the impact of this specific type of waste in the City of Benevento, said Gesesa CEO Vittorio Cuciniello, we immediately liked the idea; also because a year ago we signed an agreement with the association “Ami, Liberami dalla Plastica”, and joined the group of Italian companies that have gone plastic free.

By installing the water dispenser, Gesesa aims to stop the use of plastic bottles and therefore substantially reduce the impact of plastic on the waste management system and on the environment.


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