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Work on the aqueduct wells will be completed on Tuesday €1.4 million invested in the most important plant in the Ciociaria area: 600 liters of water per second for 24 municipalities in the province

Ato 5’s largest plant has been completely renovated. Structures, systems, services: the entire plant underwent major renovation, reconstruction, and extraordinary maintenance work.
With the final interventions scheduled for Tuesday 14 July, Acea Ato 5 completes the revamping of the Lago di Posta Fibreno plant, the most important in the area of Frosinone, providing 600 liters of water per second to 24 Municipalities in the Ciociaria area, one of the largest areas in terms of both size and population, extending from Valle di Comino to Frosinone and beyond.

The complex project, aimed at improving the efficiency of the integrated water service, lasted almost a year and involved all eight wells and the existing infrastructure and systems (electrical, security, services, etc.), all of which underwent extensive modernization and renovation.

Extensive work was also carried out to secure the area around the plant, including protecting the rock wall above the wells with steel nets. The operation required the use of a helicopter and rock-climbing engineers who laid and anchored containment nets and tighten cables to prevent rocks from falling and avert landslides.

The project, part of a larger €1.4 million investment plan, contributes to preserving water and containing energy consumption. It also allows to manage the plant effectively and safely, offering better service to users, ensuring continuity, and reducing interruptions of service caused by the failure of old networks and structures.

In preparation for the final work scheduled on Tuesday, which requires the interruption of the power supply for one hour, Acea Ato 5 has taken all possible measure to avoid service downtime in the municipalities served by the Posta Fibreno plant, by switching on a number of generators. However, as a precaution in the event of technical issues, local authorities and citizens of the municipalities affected have been informed that they may experience weaker water pressure and/or the interruption of the water supply on Tuesday 14 July, between 08:00 and 23:00.
The Municipalities affected include:

  • Arnara: entire municipal territory, except the Cimitero area
  • Arpino: areas supplied by Rilancio Quaglieri
  • Boville Ernica: entire municipal territory
  • Broccostella: San Martino area
  • Comune di Castelliri: entire municipal territory
  • Ceccano: Sterparo area, Via Colle Leo, Via Colle Bruni, Via Colle Antico, part of Via Marano
  • Fontechiari: Muto area
  • Frosinone: all areas supplied by the reservoirs of Colle Sant’Anna, Colle Cottorino, Colle Cannuccio, Colle Roffio and the old town center (upper part) (see all streets affected listed in the attachment)
  • Isola del Liri: entire municipal territory
  • Monte San Giovanni Campano: entire municipal territory
  • Pofi: upper part
  • Posta Fibreno: old town center and the Vandra area
  • Ripi: entire municipal territory
  • Strangolagalli: entire municipal territory
  • Torrice: entire municipal territory
  • Veroli: areas of Casamari, Le Stere, Giglio, Castelmassimo, and San Giuseppe le Prata.

Please see the list of streets in the Municipality of Frosinone in the attachment.


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