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The Reclamation Consortium of the North Coast and the water service provider Acea Ato 2 have signed a memorandum of understanding that requires both parties to collaborate on issues involving the protection and development of the territory, defining joint actions that can impact on sustainability and environment protection, support of productivity, prevention of hydrogeological disruption and water related risks. The parties have committed to collaborate on four main points of the document signed by the commissioner of the North Coast, Antonio Marrazzo, and the president of Acea Ato 2, Claudio Cosentino.
The first involves the procedures to authorize the maintenance work on reclamation plants and facilities.
The second is the completion of the procedure, already underway, to deliver Ostia’s rural aqueducts to Rome’s Municipality, who in turn will appoint Acea Ato 2 to manage them. Reference is made in particular to the plants in Anello, via di Dragona – via della Macchiarella – via del Collettore Secondario – via Capo Due Rami.

The third point, very important in terms of benefits for the territory and the production system, is the feasibility study on the re-use of treated water coming from Macrobacino 5 – the treatment plant that serves Fregene, in the Municipality of Fiumicino, managed by Acea Ato 2 – for agricultural purposes. This will allow to re-use wastewater and will achieve two objectives: recycle a resource that would otherwise go to waste for production purposes and improve the quality of surface water. “Recycling water to be used for irrigation requires treatments able to deliver water that complies with the highest quality standards; a very innovative solution, in line with the directives of the Authority for the Regulation of Energy, Networks and Environment” said the president of Acea Ato 2, Claudio Cosentino. “The parties – Andrea Renna, General Manager of the Consortium explains – both agree on the importance, for sustainability and productive reasons, of re-using treated water and meeting the growing demand for water to be used for urban development and agricultural activities threatened by climate change and by frequent periods of drought.”
The fourth point involves updating the agreements between the parties in terms of adjusting the payment system to the changing urban territory. “It's a question of administrative, technical and financial measures aimed at protecting the territory, for the economy and to manage plants and facilities that can help prevent hydrogeological disruption and water related risks.”
The North Coast Consortium and Acea Ato 2 have committed to collaborate in analyzing the technical issues in connection with the management of water treatment plants and sewerage systems. An all-round collaboration that Renna, as General manager of Anbi Lazio, “hopes will come about also in other territories within the region”.


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