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Modernizing work worth €115,000
will provide extra security and improve efficiency

The renovated water management plant for “Jermalle” spring in Falvaterra was inaugurated yesterday. The spring supplies drinking water to the entire Municipality.

The ceremony was attended by the mayor of Falvaterra, Francesco Piccirilli, the president and CEO of Acea Ato 5, Pierluigi Palmigiani and Roberto Cocozza, as well as members of Acea’s board and technical staff, a number of Municipal functionaries and many citizens.

During the past few months, the plant underwent significant extraordinary maintenance, carried out by Acea Ato 5. The work involved all parts of the plant and cost approximately €115,000. As a result of the maintenance, which was completed with no interruption to the service, the plant is now more secure, efficient and flexible in terms of water supply, even in the event of water shortages caused by drought.

Specifically, the interventions involved the structure of the plant as well as its functions. In addition to replacing the roofs and floors and waterproofing the water collection tanks, the existing piping of the lifting system was changed in order to reduce the impact of breaks. To ensure even greater security and continuity of service, the majority of the electromechanical elements of the electric panels were replaced and a water tank was built to collect water during the period of less need, in order to create a reserve in the event of shortages.

Francesco Piccirilli, mayor of Falvaterra, said: “Falvaterra had been waiting for these works for years; they are an important achievement, essential to the development of the area and the improvement of its services. The work carried out in collaboration with ACEA has led to one of the most important achievements that this Administration had set itself. I also would like to thank the former mayor, Antonio Lancia, and engineer David Crenca, who helped me start the bureaucratic process”.

Pierluigi Palmigiani, president of Acea Ato 5, said: “It is essential for Acea Ato 5 to continue its work to improve the integrated water service for the benefit of its users. As a company, our objective is to strengthen the perception of it as a resource for the community, for a sustainable and long-lasting development of the Ciociaria area”.

CEO Roberto Cocozza said: “The plant we inaugurate is an example of how Acea is capable of implementing a great infrastructure modernization and upgrade process in the area. This approach allows to improve the current service and, in the long term, at the end of the concession will leave the area with structures that have high technological value”.


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