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The Company’s objective is to extend the initiative to all the 96 Municipalities to which it supplies water

Today, on Acea’s premises in Rome, the President of Acea Ato 2, Claudio Cosentino, and the mayor of Allumiere, Antonio Pasquini, signed a memorandum of intent that will lead to the opening in Allumiere of the first “Help Desk” for the 96 Municipalities in the Optimal Territorial Area 2 (ATO2) - which includes the Metropolitan City of Rome - where the Company manages the integrated water service

The memorandum of intent includes the opening of a proper point of contact, managed by personnel trained by Acea Ato2, where citizens will received information on how to manage their water supply and will receive support on how to use the digital services in the MyAcea Customer Area and relevant App: contract transfers, online payments and installments, online billing and direct debit activation, meter auto reading and a lot more.

The objective is to allow all Municipalities of the Metropolitan City of Rome to offer citizens a useful service and give a sign of the company’s approachability using new digital technologies that allow customers to manage all the main account activities online.

During this first experimental phase, two new help desks (the one in Allumiere is just the first) will be opened. This will allow to test the efficacy of the initiative in order to share it with the competent institutional subjects and extend it to all Municipalities in the ATO2 area interested in adhering.


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