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The first stage of the project involved a helicopter and expert rock-climbing technicians

This morning in Posta Fibreno Acea Ato 5 started a complex operation to secure the rock wall above the wells that provide water to the aqueduct with which they share their name.

The helicopter used to lift and transport the heavy steel net coils with which the entire hillside was covered in the proximity of the water pumping system, made the operation particularly spectacular and attracted the attention of many in the local community.

Expert rock-climbing technicians first secured the steel nets at the top of the rock wall, then unrolled the coils one by one till they reached the bottom of the wall and anchored them directly to the rock. 

The operation, which will be completed in the next few days, is aimed at preventing large rocks and other rubble from falling on the plants below, for the safety of Acea Ato 5 employees who work at the site every day, and to protect the plants. The intervention secures a crucial infrastructure in the province of Frosinone. 


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