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The plant has been built using state-of-the-art technology and ensures maximum sustainability and water resources

Frosinone, 27 September 2019 – The inauguration ceremony of the renewed treatment plant for the Municipality of Collepardo took place this morning.

The event was attended by the mayor, Mauro Bussiglieri, the president of Acea Ato 5, Stefano Magini, representatives of the local authority, technicians and operators of the integrated water service company and members of the public.

Children of the local elementary school and their teachers were also present for a special lesson on water treatment.

Thanks to the opening of the new plant, the Collepardo area now has an efficient and modern water treatment system, based on the best technology currently available and compliant with the new water protection regulations. Specifically, the work allows to operate a modern treatment plant able to guarantee maximum service to 1000 citizens.

The sustainable work, which cost approximately €350,000, involved the construction of new structures and the renovation of existing electromechanical systems without expanding to new areas. The new structure is also equipped with state-or-the-art process automation and will be constantly monitored remotely by Acea Ato 5 from its “Supervision” room.

Mauro Bussiglieri, mayor of Collepardo, said: <I wish to thank Acea Ato 5 for this important investment for our community. A sustainable development choice. A next generation plant that brings back crystal clear water to our community, as we witnessed today. I also wish to highlight the importance of the presence of our school children, because the concept of sustainable development must be instilled in the new generations. This administration’s collaboration and constant dialog with Acea has allowed our municipality to have a plant that is essential to safeguarding the environment>. 

Stefano Magini, president of Acea Ato 5, said: <The treatment plant inaugurated today represents yet another step forward made by Acea Ato 5 to guarantee effective water treatment to the local community in compliance with the required standards, and to improve the integrated water service and protect water resources. A concrete answer to the needs of the municipalities and their citizens’ expectations. A plant owned by the municipality and managed by Acea Ato 5. An investment that the local administration alone would have struggled to afford.  The final result was possible thanks to the support that comes from being part of a larger entity, the local territory, and that lately has originated from the collaboration between local authorities and the water service provider>. 


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