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Maintenance work on the refurbishment of the monument’s lighting system included the replacement of 115 spotlights

ACEA has completed unplanned maintenance work to refurbish the Theater of Marcellus’ lighting system, continuing its commitment to enhancing the Capital’s artistic, architectural and cultural heritage.

Work on the monument’s interior and exterior archaeological areas was completed on Friday 12 July, with ACEA teams replacing a total of 115 spotlights. The first and second rows of archways on the Theater of Marcellus have been illuminated internally, in addition to the exterior archaeological remains, including the Corinthian columns of the Temple of Apollo Sosianus.

The lighting project is the latest, in chronological order, of a long series of initiatives by ACEA aimed at promoting the city, and its artistic and architectural heritage. These include lighting systems on the Pyramid of Cestius and San Paolo Gate, Piazza del Campidoglio, Castle of Santa Severa and the Dome of the Great Synagogue of Rome.


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