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On Monday July 1, Acea Ato 2 launches a communication campaign to inform citizens about the Water Bonus, which under the current legislation is available to families who find themselves in economic and social difficulties, allowing them to save money on their water bills.
The campaign is targeted to the citizens of Rome and its metropolitan area and will run during the entire month of July on the pages of the city’s main news papers and online, on the main news websites. Additionally, to guarantee the campaign reaches everyone who may benefit from the initiative, Acea prepared a leaflet, which will be distributed to citizens and families, and arranged for 4,500 posters to be put up in advertising spaces in the City of Rome and 90 Municipalities within its province.
The communication campaign provides information on two initiatives designed to help families in difficulty: the Water Bonus, implemented and regulated by ARERA (Regulatory Authority for Electricity Gas and Water), Resolution 227/2018/R/IDR, and the Water Integration Bonus, implemented and regulated by the Government Entity as part of ATO2 Lazio Centrale, in accordance with article 8 of AEEGSI (Regulatory Authority for Electricity Gas and Water Systems), Resolution 897/2017/R/IDR.
The Water Bonus and Water Integration Bonus are available (cumulatively, if applicable) to all residents of the Acea Ato 2 area who find themselves in economic difficulties (certified by ISEE - Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) and meet certain requirements. All information is available following this link:


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