The Company reserves the right to take all legal steps to protect the Group and its top management

Rome, 22 March 2019 - Acea, in reference to Daniele Autieri’s article published today in Repubblica Roma entitled “Le mire su Acea della cricca grillina. A Mezzacapo incarichi a fiumi (Italy’s Five-Star movement targets Acea. Mezzacapo receives streams of assignments)”, categorically denies the fanciful and totally unfounded reconstruction of events. First of all, no Board of Directors of the company has ever examined or discussed any document or plan (moreover inexistent) “to move the company’s headquarters to the land owned by Parnasi in Tor di Valle”. Pure fabrication. As also applies to the report attributing to “two private shareholders” whatsoever intervention within the board of directors intended to stop a plan which, we repeat, has never existed. Already on a previous occasion Repubblica Roma had written a similar tale which was, at the time, immediately and flatly dismissed by the Group. Insofar as concerns the assignments for credit recovery activities entrusted to the lawyer Mezzacapo, in “streams” according to the article, these are not significant in terms of either their quantity or the amount of the overall receivables. In this connection, we wish to point out that the entire judicial aspect of the Group’s credit recovery operations is currently handled by 23 different law firms, for whom are applied the same general terms and conditions under framework agreements. Furthermore, the statement made by the author in the article concerning an alleged breach of the “guidelines set by the head of the legal department” is absolutely false.   

Regarding the points highlighted above and all other inferences, Acea reserves the right to take all appropriate legal actions, in the competent fora, with a view to safeguarding the company and its top management.


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