Historical archive

Ten thousand volumes including monographs, encyclopedias and scientific technical journals, printed books, brochures and artwork of the water and electrical systems made by Acea during its 100 years of activity.

These are the historical archive numbers of ACEA, made in 2004, which allowed the recovery and enhancement of considerable historic heritage and documentary company, since the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day.

The earliest material, with their inherent cultural and social value, testify to the history of a company that since its inception has twisted their stories with those of the city of Rome, becoming the city's fabric glue and development element.

The documents showing the evolution of Acea from technological and organizational point of view and its interaction with the territory. In 2005 it was completed the recovery of the company's historical library consists of 10 thousand books and other specialized publications hydraulic, electrical engineering, chemistry, engineering, engineering, work organization and local history.