Press Release

The Acea Group’s subsidiary Acea Ambiente has today, March 1st, responded to the Public Notice launched by the Municipality of Rome to find economic operators interested in submitting project financing proposals for assignment of the plant engineering hub concession concerning the design, authorisation for operation, construction and management of a waste-to-energy plant and related satellite facilities.
Acea Ambiente presented its expression of interest together with major domestic and international partners, such as Hitachi Zosen Inova, Vianini Lavori and Suez, following the favourable decisions on the part of both Acea Ambiente and Acea corporate bodies (also pursuant to the provisions set forth in the Acea Group Related Party Transactions Procedure).
Fabrizio Palermo, Chief Executive Officer, commented: “We are very pleased to have submitted our project in response to the Public Notice for Rome’s waste-to-energy plant. Acea thereby confirms its commitment to supporting Roma Capitale, particularly in such an important sector as waste recovery. Acea has always been at the service of the Italian Capital, the place of its birth and the city where it already manages primary services, such as water services and the distribution of electricity. Today, with the presentation of its expression of interest, Acea confirms the Group’s development strategies in the environmental and circular economy sectors, with ever increasing attention to sustainability and the local community”.
In recent years Acea Ambiente has constantly invested in these sectors and, owing to the numerous acquisitions in companies and plants, alongside the development of its own facilities, has significantly increased both the volume of waste treated, reaching 1.6 million tons of waste recovered, recycled and disposed of, and the level of EBITDA (83.2 million Euro in the first 9 months of 2022), strengthening its domestic position. More specifically, the Group is the leading player in central Italy, where it manages several industrial sites, including two waste-to-energy plants in Terni and San Vittore del Lazio.


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