Press Release

Today’s meeting of the Board of Directors of Acea SpA (“ACEA” or the “Company”), chaired by the Chairperson Michaela Castelli, acknowledged (a) the announcment from the shareholder, Roma Capitale, dated 20 September 2022, in which the shareholder requested the replacement of the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and (b) the sub subsequent announcement from the shareholder, Roma Capitale, received this afternoon, 23 September 2022, naming Mr. Fabrizio Palermo as the chosen candidate for a place on Acea’s Board of Directors and to be the Company’s next Chief Executive Officer.
The Board also acknowledged that the relevant departments within the Company have begun the process of reaching a mutual termination agreement with the current Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Giuseppe Gola, and appointing the candidate, Mr. Fabrizio Palermo, pursuant to art. 2386 of the Italian Civil Code and the current legislation and articles of association.
For the purposes of conducting and deciding on the above process and subsequent adoption of the resolutions falling within its purview, a further meeting of the Board of Directors has been called for Monday, 26 September. In compliance with the current legislation and articles of association, meetings of the relevant Board Committees and, to the extent required, the Board of Statutory Auditors have also been called.
The Company will, in accordance with current legislation and procedures, provide the market with further information on the decisions taken in due course.


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