Press Release

  • Revenue €1,825m (up 13% versus H1 2020)
  • EBITDA €619m (up 9% versus H1 2020)
  • EBIT €310m (up 10% versus H1 2020)
  • Group net profit €166m (up 15% versus H1 2020)
  • Capex €482m (up 17% versus H1 2020)
  • Net debt €3,913m (€3,528m at 31 December 2020)

EBITDA guidance for 2021 revised upwards:

  • growth in EBITDA of more than 8% compared to 2020 (previous guidance was +6%/+8%);
  • capex of approximately €900m confirmed;
  • net debt at end of 2021 confirmed between €3.85bn and €3.95bn

Agreement announced for the purchase of 70% of Serplast and 60% of Meg, companies operating in plastic recycling sector.

The Board of Directors of Acea, chaired by Michaela Castelli, has approved the interim report for the six months ended 30 June 2021.


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