Press Release

Acea announces that it has signed contracts to acquire:

  • 100% of Idrolatina which in turn owns a 49% interest in Acqualatina; Acea also acquires a direct 19.2% interest in GEAL, both from the Veolia Group

  • 100% of Severn Trent Italia, which in turn owns a 64% interest in Umbriadue Servizi Idrici and an 80% interest in Iseco, from the Severn Trent Plc Group


Roma 22 November, 2016 – As part of the Acea Group’s growth strategy, which envisages, among other things, consolidation of the Company’s presence in the water sector, Acea announces that it has entered into preliminary agreements – not included in the targets set out in the Business Plan for 2016-2020 but among the initiatives already under consideration – for the acquisition:

- from the Veolia Group, of 100% of Idrolatina, which in turn holds a 49% interest in Acqualatina, for a price of €22m. The remaining 51% of Acqualatina is owned by municipalities in the ATO4 – Southern Lazio concession area;

- from the Veolia Group, of 19.2% of Gestione Esercizio Acquedotti Lucchesi - GEAL for a price of €2m. Acea already owns 28.8% of GEAL through Crea SpA, thus raising its stake in GEAL to 48%;

- from the Severn Trent Plc Group, of 100% of Severn Trent Italia and, indirectly, 64% of Umbriadue Servizi Idrici and 80% of Iseco, for a price of €0.4m. As Acea already owns 34% of Umbriadue Servizi Idrici through Crea Gestioni Srl, the acquisition will thus raise its stake in Umbriadue to 98%.


Completion of the above transaction is subject to the usual conditions precedent for similar transactions.




Acqualatina provides the Integrated Water Service in the ATO4 – Southern Lazio concession area. The Company serves 35 towns with a total population of approximately 270,000. Its concession expires in 2032. Acqualatina in figures: 64 treatment plants; a 3,500-km water supply network; 120m cubic metres of water produced each year; 70m cubic metres of waste water treated each year.

GEAL provides the Integrated Water Service in the municipality of Lucca, in which Acea already holds a 28.8% interest through Crea. GEAL in figures: over 40,000 people served; a 600 km water supply network; a 200 km sewerage network; 1 treatment plant.

Severn Trent Italia designs, builds and operates plants used in the treatment of both civil and industrial waste water and in the production of drinking water from surface and underground sources.

Umbriadue Servizi Idrici provides the Integrated Water Service in the ATI 4 Umbria concession area, covering 32 towns and a population of approximately 230,000.

Iseco is, among other things, responsible for the operation and maintenance of treatment plants. The company designs and builds plants for the treatment of waste, drinking and industrial water and sludge. It also operates in the collection, transport and disposal of urban and special refuse.



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