Press Release

  • EBITDA 207.2 million euros (177.4 million euros in 1Q2015, + 16.8%)
  • EBIT 123.6 million euros (104.1 million euros in 1Q2015, + 18.7%)
  • Net profit of EUR 66.9 million (EUR 50.5 million in 1Q2015, + 32.5%)
  • Net Debt -2,173.9 million euros (-2010100000 euros at December 31, 2015, + 8.1%)
  • Investments amounted to 97.0 million euros (72.0 million euros in 1Q2015, + 34.7%)


Acea's Board of Directors, chaired by Catia Tomasetti, approved the Interim Report at March 31, 2016. "I think it's significantly important the considerable increase in investment" - said the Chairman of ACEA, Catia Tomasetti - "as proof of Company's great attention to improving the quality of services provided and will continue to create value for shareholders and at the same time the ability to project themselves towards the sustainable development of the Group ". "We are continuing to implement the Strategic Plan" - said the CEO of Acea Alberto Irace "which provides a focus on internal growth, thanks to a major investment program, especially in regulated activities. It goes hand in hand the effort to complete the turnaround in operating systems and design a new digital model that will Acea a best in class among European utilities ".


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