Press Release

Rome, 4 August 2014 - The European Investment Bank allocates 200 million euros to fund a significant part of Acea's investments for the next 4 years equal to a total 680 million euros, to develop and consolidate the Lazio central ATO 2 integrated water service infrastructure (in Rome and the Province of Rome).

This operation between Acea and the European Investment Bank was drawn up following a detailed technical preliminary study performed by the European bank, acknowledging the full correspondence between the infrastructure plan of action and social and environmental principles of sustainability. The infrastructure investments for which the funding is provided in fact concern the construction of new waterworks to improve environmental conditions in Rome and Central Lazio, developing the waste water treatment system and consolidating safety and quality standards for water supplied to users.

The list of around 30 major and minor works funded by the European Investment Bank's loan included in particular the construction of new plants or the requalification of old ones for the extraction and treatment of water, the protection of water sources, the construction and requalification of reservoirs, the development of the interconnection between aqueducts, improving water resource safety and quality, the extension or reconstruction of water and drains networks, and the development and restructuring of water treatment plants.

“The loan allocated" said Acea's Managing Director Alberto Irace, "is an excellent example of the positive evolution of the regulatory framework in the water sector and another step forward in the longstanding relationship our company has with the European Investment Bank, whose mission is to back sustainable development in member states. The conditions of the funding prove that Acea has confirmed itself to be a solid and trustworthy industrial entity also at a European and international level. Now we must do our utmost to make sure the construction and development of these infrastructures is done as soon as possible, as the services are provided to millions of citizens in Rome and Lazio.”


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