Consolidated revenue:     3,612.7 million euros, up 2.1%
 EBITDA:    695,2 million euros, up 6.0%
 Pro-forma[1] : EBITDA     703,5 million euros, up 7.3%
 EBIT:    293,8 million euros, up 32.0%
Pro-forma1]:  EBIT                        302,1 million euros, up 35.7%

Group Net profit:

    77,4  milioni di Euro
Pro forma Group Net profit1:[1]:     85,7 million euros
Net Debt:    2.495,5 million euros


Payment of a dividend for 2012 of 0.30 euros per share (a payout of 75%) will be proposed to the AGM, including the interim dividend of 0.21 euros already paid

Rome, 8 March 2013 – Today’s meeting of the Board of Directors of ACEA SpA, chaired by Giancarlo Cremonesi, has approved the separate and consolidated financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2012.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on 15 April and 22 April 2013 in first and second call, respectively, to approve the financial statements and the appropriation of net profit for the year and to elect the Board of Directors and Board of Statutory Auditors.
The legally required documentation relating to approval of the financial statements for 2012 will be made available for inspection within the deadline required by law.


In a year marked by a general worsening of the downturn in the global economy and, with regard to utilities, by regulatory uncertainty in the water industry following the outcome of the Referendum held in June 2011, the results for 2012 provided confirmation of the Acea Group’s strong earnings profile and positive operating performances across all areas of business, in linewith the Group’s strategy and previous guidance.

The Group’s positive results in 2012,” commented Giancarlo Cremonesi, Chairman of Acea, “mean that we can look forward to the future with confidence. The Company’s strategic positioning and its strong balance sheet will enable the Group to remain committed to achieving the objectives in its Business Plan.”

Our revenue growth, the significant improvement in operating profit, alongside the Group’sstrong financial structure,” emphasised Marco Staderini, Acea’s CEO, “show, once again, that the Company is on the right track, having reacted well to the negative macroeconomic situation and a regulatory scenario that remains uncertain.

The comparison between the results for 2012 and 2011 should take account of the following: the figures for 2011 reflect provisions made in response to uncertainty surrounding recovery of tariff adjustments due to Acea ATO5 and Gori, inclusion of the joint venture with GdF Suez Energia Italia (the unwinding of which was completed on 31 March 2011) and the gains realised as a result of the above unwinding. 

[1] The negative impact of the Antitrust fine of 8.3 million euros has been stripped out of the pro forma amount.


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