Acea Group Results:
· Consolidated revenue: 2,450.7 millions of Euro (+12.7%)
· EBITDA: 486.7 millions of Euro (+20.9%)
· EBIT: 256.4 millions of Euro (+27.1%)
· Net Profit: 111.9 millions of Euro (net profit amounting to a negative 5.6 millions of
Euro on 9/30/09)

Rome, November 11, 2010 – Today’s meeting of the Board of Directors of Acea SpA, chaired by Giancarlo Cremonesi, approved the Intermediate Financial Statement as at September, 30, 2010.

The examination of the current year’s first nine months economic data underscores the bitter positive result of industrial management and the remarkable increasing marginality, due to the contribution of all the activity sectors and to the constant pursuit of efficiency to play on value creation. These smart results, reached thanks to the increasing involvement of the entire Group, confirm the final overtaking of the unsatisfactory performance of 2009, chiefly determined by factors that are to be considered external to the Company.
The Company’s foremost presence in regulated businesses guaranties a low risk profile in a macroeconomic scenario in slow recovery.

“The main indicators concerning these first nine months – as Marco Staderini, CEO of Acea SpA, noticed – registered a double digit growth rate, to confirm the effectiveness of the management that defines the Group and of the recovery actions employed. We reorganized the counts and this year’s results will be positive and consistent with our expectations. Now we must focus on development strategies and on the new Industrial Plan that we would present to the economic community by the end of the year(€ mln) 09/30


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