Press Release

The 2024 edition highlights the crucial role of women in innovation and sustainable water resources management

Barbara Marinali, Chairwoman of Acea, has been selected as one of the winners of the Tecnovisionarie® International Prize. This esteemed award, now in its 18th edition, is awarded to women who have demonstrated vision, prioritized social impact, and exhibited transparent behavior and ethics in their professional activities. The award ceremony was held last night at Palazzo Pirelli, Milan.

The 2024 edition, sponsored by Women&Tech® - Women and Technology Association - ETS, with the theme "Ecological Transition: The Leaders of a New Water Culture", aims to highlight the pivotal role of women in the advancement and sustainable management of water resources. The award aims to highlight emerging technologies in areas such as advanced purification, intelligent monitoring, and water-saving systems, underlining how these technologies are not only instruments for protecting the environment but also catalysts for economic and social advancement.

The International Tecnovisionarie® Award celebrates women who have significantly contributed to sustainable water management. Candidates were judged on the innovation of their ideas, the social and environmental impact of their actions, and their ability to inspire positive change. Barbara Marinali was given the award with the following motivation: “A professional life serving the state and subsidiary companies, dealing with economic planning and public policy, competition and market regulation, in the strategic areas of network infrastructure: transportation, energy, digital communications, water. Acea, founded in 1909, is the largest water operator. It has a quasi-institutional duty to lead the change, at a crucial stage of high exposure to the risk of failing to have adequate water resources for economic and citizen purposes in the near future. And Barbara Marinali is working to develop an integrated national vision for the sector.”

“I am honored to receive this prestigious award. I find the definition 'technovisionary' wonderful: it speaks of women who can imagine and design an innovative and sustainable future. It is an award I am receiving from a jury of highly esteemed women. These women not only inspire me but will also be my companions on the inevitable journey toward an increasingly technological, unpredictable and complex future, caught in the trilemma between growth, resource scarcity -- starting with water -- and sustainability,” said Acea Chairwoman Barbara Marinali.


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